Wild flowers

A couple more days to catch Jude’s wildflower challenge and here is a gallery of wildflowers from the Cape’s spring show.   After the winter rains from about the middle of August to mid September the veld blooms in an extravagance of colour.  The Namaqualand area, which is an arid region comes alive in swathes of vibrant colours, and the crowds from the city come in their droves to admire the vistas.  It lifts the spirits, makes the heart sing.

15 thoughts on “Wild flowers

  1. Phenomenal shots you’ve captured. They bring an arid place to life, just as we see here when the rains come to outback Australia. Great post!

  2. Beautiful carpet of colour Liz, it reminds me of our Western Australian wildflowers in the desert after rain, blooming for a a few weeks and then gone till the next rains.

  3. Ah, I never got to see the wonderful Namaqualand in spring. We can grow a lot of these flowers here in summer, but nothing like the impact of a landscape covered in these beautiful flowers. So grateful you included this one Liz. Many thanks 🙂

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