A Gaggle

A gaggle of barnacle geese

While on a short visit to Stockholm recently we were surprised to see a large gaggle of barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis) and their goslings happily strolling through a park near the Vasa museum.   It appears they have found a comfortable eco-niche in which to breed and rear their chicks and are well established in the area.  It would be interesting to know from which population group they originate and where they migrate to in winter.  Calling on my blogging friends, or perhaps one of the savvy birding bloggers to help solve this riddle for me?

12 thoughts on “A Gaggle

  1. wikipedia has this: “A new fourth population, derived from the Novaya Zemlya population, has become established since 1975 breeding on the islands and coasts of the Baltic Sea (Estonia, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden), and wintering in the Netherlands. Population about 8,000.”

  2. Perhaps this little populations doesn’t migrate. This often happens in parks, that some birds find it unnecessary to migrate. Have to ask the local birders.

  3. There seem to be increasing numbers of members of some traditionaly migratory species choosing to take up permanent residency in parts of the UK too. It is thought to be down to climate change, (like everything else we can’t really explain) – or perhaps it’s just evolution in progress?

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