Greylag geese

Greylag geese_01 Greylag_geese_02 Greylag geese_03 Greylag_geese_mixed_04 Greylag_family

In a flurry of wings and with loud indignant honking a large group of Greylag geese scuttle into the water and away from the local dogs patrolling the river bank.


6 thoughts on “Greylag geese

  1. It’s not good to hear the geese were mobilised by dogs, but it did allow you a lovely series of images. I particularly liked the one of them all lined up on the bank, like they’re on their marks for a race across the water.

    1. It was extraordinary to see the action across the common on this hot summer’s day – cattle, ponies, waterfowl, errant children, people swimming, kayakers, punts and dog owners throwing balls for their dogs. The poor geese were harassed, and eventually moved upstream away from the crowds.

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