Cape Dwarf Chameleon

A quest to find these masters of disguise, the little Cape dwarf chameleons turned out to be more challenging than anticipated.  A friend tipped me off to a location out in the country – bearing in mind that they are rarely seen, a threatened species – I was excited to see if I could locate any.  Their camouflage  makes them hard to spot and sure enough they were well hidden.  Eventually after a concerted effort peering intently – there they were, blending in magnificently with the foliage.   The species is restricted to the Western Cape area and inhabits a range of different habitats and vegetation types, from fynbos and renosterveld, to indigenous Afrotemperate forests and wetlands.


WPC: Quest

30 thoughts on “Cape Dwarf Chameleon

  1. I haven’t seen ANY chameleons for years – we used to have several in our garden and they were fairly commonly seen during my childhood. I am so pleased you found these very special ones.

    1. Isn’t it sad! Man has been so careless in the use of pesticides. Then there are the burgeoning numbers of domestic cats. Both reasons for the severe decline in the chameleon species. It’s so ironic when the chameleons would have kept the pests in check.

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