Cape Grysbok


It’s almost a year since a devastating fire rushed down this section of the mountain in a destructive path.  The vegetation is recovering well and how wonderful it is to see this shy and timid species of endemic buck, the Grysbok on this rainy, drizzly-wet morning.   All the more remarkable is that it is so close to the suburban edge.  They are solitary animals, except during the mating season when they are found in pairs and here we see that this is a female (the male bears horns).    This is one of the smaller species of antelope – it weighs in between 9 – 12 kgs.  Residents in this area have occasional sightings and these close encounters leave the viewer with a sense of awe for these secretive little creatures.

9 thoughts on “Cape Grysbok

  1. This must have been a magical moment for you. I remember coming face to face with a kudu in Naukluft and feeling quite awed by the experience.

  2. What a lovely image of the Cape Grysbok, Liz!

    I still don’t have any worthwile photos of them in my collection, as they never seem to stand still when humans are around.

  3. Is it really a year since you reported the fires? Time has flown. It’s good to see that regeneration is progressing; what a treat to see the beautiful little Grysbok. You mentioned it was drizzling with rain, does that mean you may escape fires this year?

    1. Yes, the year has really whisked by and summer is setting in now. The wind system – the South Easterlies have already taken up in tight isobars resulting in strong gales. Though we have had the odd bout of rain (and we seriously need more) water restrictions are in force. All of this is worrying as the vegetation becomes tinder dry. It’s heartening to see that the wildlife is back – and for the herbivores which are drawn in by the fresh young green vegetation. The flowers continue to yield up in bright colours, so the mountain is looking gorgeous. Holding thumbs there will be no major fires this season!

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