Of Sprites and Wood Nymphs

Giants_head_Heligan Mud_maid_Heligan

It happens sometimes, when nature inspires that figures emerge in sundappled forest glades; those magical places where otherwordly spirits reside.

WPC: Transmogrify

Some time ago thanks to a recommendation by Jude, who inspires through her blog posts on gardens and all things green and flowering, I got to visit the The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.  The history of the estate – how it fell into neglect and the story of it’s revival, is inspiring.  The place is imbued with a sense of enchantment and one can linger through different spaces imagining the levels of it’s past.

The moss earth sculptures were created by talented sister and brother duo, Sue and Peter Hill.  The “Giant’s Head” is a creation which was transformed from the massive root stock of old oaks which had been uprooted in the devastating Great Storm of 1990 while ” Mud Maid” was crafted through a purpose-built hollow frame.   She lies enfolded in greenery, sleeping peacefully in a dappled woodland glade.   With a bit of transmogrification one can conjure up midnight scenes of nymphs and sprites awakening to a celebratory dance of woodland delight.





12 thoughts on “Of Sprites and Wood Nymphs

  1. I recognised this pair! Must go when the crocosmia is in flower, but too late this year. Great idea for the somewhat challenging challenge this week.

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