Chacma baboons: foraging

Foraging is a trial and error process for baby baboons.  Finding the juiciest grass roots or corms can be a bit hit and miss, but by following mom’s example those tasty corms can be detected.   Who says playing with food isn’t fun?

Chacma_baboons_foraging_01 Baby_chacma_baboon_foraging_with _mother Baby_chacma_baboon_corms_ Chacma_baboon_babies_playing_01 Chacma_baboon_babies__passing_the_corm

11 thoughts on “Chacma baboons: foraging

    1. Thanks Sam. I’m a Nikon fan. Started with a D200 and currently using a D810. My favourite lens (handheld) for fieldwork and wildlife is a 80-400mm; mostly use my D300 and prime micro lens – 105mm for macro. Landscape – D3s and tripod with medium and wide angle 12-24mm format lenses.

      1. Sounds like a nice set-up! I have a canon myself, with a 300 mm lens. A 400 mm is something I really want but need to save for a while first!

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