A pall of thick, acrid smoke hangs over the neighbourhood today as a rampant fire engulfs the mountains and threatens homes and wildlife.

40 thoughts on “Fire!

    1. Thankfully yes… even with the fire fighting crews so stretched what with Somerset West and Paarl. Heartfelt tributes to all and especially to the helicopters pilots… aerial tactics to get to to inaccessible areas. Thank goodness!!

    1. The fire-crews have done an incredible job in containing the fires – 11 in the province. Huge damage to some areas. The consequences for land owners – vineyards, guest houses will be dire and for employees. Warnings that this is a consequence of climate change and increasinly hot, dry conditions 😦

    1. My first instinct was to get the hell out, yet there’s a strange compelling magnetism to capturing fire scenes, that awesome sense of power and destruction, all the while fear can overpower.

    1. Very thankful that property and people all safe, but high cost to wildlife and ecosystems. Lots of work will be needed to stablize mountain slopes to stop erosion. One good benefit though – invasive alien vegetation wiped out.

    1. Yes, all praise to the fire-fighting teams and especially the air response – the crews and pilots of the fixed-wing planes and helicopters. They’re able to cover the inaccessible moutain terrain which the ground crews can’t reach. Have saved so many homes.

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