Signs of autumn appear and last week the swallows (Hirundo albigularis) were gathering, swooping  and wheeling in large flocks, getting ready for their long flight back to the northern hemisphere.

We wish them a safe journey.

“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”  Peter Pan (JM Barrie).

WPC: Wish

31 thoughts on “Swallows

  1. How can they stand on a straw? I am looking forward to welcomming migrating birds for summer soon, but I have never seen these, sweet swallows before. Nice picture!

    1. A lot of movement here – the reeds bend under the weight of the bitds as they land. Could have titled it the Swaying Swallows 🙂. These are the White throated species; the European/barn swallows also visit us in the summer. Their numbers are reducing -sadly we’re not seeing the huge flocks i saw as a child.

    1. Sitting there quietly on the edge of a river bank, it was quite a photo shoot! Like characters on cue coming on stage, the birds alighted delivering a tweet or two then off again.

  2. I always feel a little sad when the swallows leave – they face such hazards on their journey north – and am thrilled when they return. What a lovely ‘farewell’ picture of them!

    1. Yes especially anxious as with so many other species their numbers are declining. Signs of autumn are well and truly setting in now. March lilies, April fool haemanthus, Parasol lilies are putting on a gorgeous show here.

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