A fascinating sight as baboons find fresh water on the beach.

Baboons and Egyptian Geese

A crisis looms here in the Cape as drought grips the city of Cape Town and the surrounds.  It is interesting to see these scenes at Olifantsbos beach where a gaggle of Egyptian geese and baboons hang out together, drawn to a fresh water spring very close to the edge of the tidal line.

A fascinating scene where baboons and Egyptian geese hang out together at a fresh water source on the beach. A male baboon with two juveniles sit calmly at the water's edge with a gaggle of Egyptian geese. Juvenile baboons inspect seaweed as Dad surveys the birds. A fascinating sight as baboons find fresh water on the beach.

28 thoughts on “Baboons and Egyptian Geese

  1. It’s been a tough summer for the wildlife, but hopefully it won’t be too long before winter sets in and replenishes the parched earth … thank you, as always, for the wonderful images, Liz.

    1. Yes holding thumbs that the rains come early. The fire affected areas need to repair and worried that there will be run off and soil erosion. Babs are battling in those areas.
      That scene at Olifants was quite extraordinary as the various baboons came along and some dug out the sand so that the fresh water would pool. Clever creatures.

  2. One day, when I am retired, I will come back to your blog for inspiration for stories. Your images always stir something in me. The last 2 in this series beg for narrative fiction. You are the mistress of inspiration!

    1. Isn’t is a classic! It was a perfect day too – so tranquil and the troop was well spread out along the shore. Intriguingly they dug into the sand to create little depressions so that the fresh water would pool. Clever creatures.

  3. What different surroundings you and I have, from one Cape to the other. Baboons, Egyptian geese and drought – what an experience to see them sharing the same water source. When does winter set in? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Erica, hope your Cape is warming up? So true, the contrast in terrain and climate between our “Capes”. Now the “Cape Doctor” an endearing term for the Southeasterlie winds have they been galeforce of late. That’s one common factor our geography of peninsulas share.
      Winter comes in late May and we’re anxiously awaiting it’s cooling effect bringing in much needed rainfall.
      How’s your artwork and gallery coming along?

      1. What an interesting term, “Cape Doctor”. So you know the history behind the expession? We have gale force winds today as well, but subzero temps 🙂
        As for artwork, I’m working with sea glass and plastic bottle caps that I’ve collected from the beaches. Same concept as the shoe project, but completely different expressions. It’s exciting! Have a great day! Enjoy the winds.

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