A Nocturnal Visitor

One tends to think of porcupine roaming in the wild but they are quite common here in the neighbourhood, though they  not always welcome.  For the keen gardener who prizes the display of flowering bulbs they can become pests.   Being herbivores they are partial to a diet of juicy geophytes and digging up corms / bulbs is a nightly escapade.  

14 thoughts on “A Nocturnal Visitor

      1. Would be interesting to find out. I’ll put the question to the ADU at UCT. They have their finger on the pulse of fauna/flora studies. Interesting observations too from Carol (in comments below) on beneficial actions for plants re. propagating aspects.

  1. Lovely photograph! It reminds me of the porcupine that regularly visits the camping area in the Addo Elephant National Park.

    1. Actually it’s my neighbour’s doorstep out onto their patio. They wander between our houses. They’re shy creatures and generally not aggressive, the problems arise when dogs chase them. They’re notorious for turning a full arsenal of back quills into the face of their attackers. My sister’s dog had a close encounter and very close call with quills being lodged into the chest area (just missing the heart). Had to be extracted by the vet.

  2. Great picture. We also have porcupines in our neighbourhood. At least one digs under the fence to come into the garden. Although they dig up the arums to eat the corms, interestingly it seems to disperse offsets and lots of little plants sprout up from the dug up patch. Waiting to see if the same thing happens to wild freesias. Our dogs have learnt to respect them! Live and let live ☺

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