All plump and curvy

Sleek they are not, but so charming in their demeanour.  Meet the Rock Hyrax, (commonly known as a dassie) related to the elephant and dugong –  the connection to their rounded physique.   A lively little colony of about 15 members live at the bottom of our garden, though their numbers fluctuate while caracal finds them a delicious delicacy.   When the female dassies lie sprawled in abandon on the sunwarmed boulders i can’t help but admire their aura of plumply feminine ‘curvaceousness’.

That’s my take on Ben’s theme for this week.  For other photographer’s pics on the subject, hit the link  “Rounded”



18 thoughts on “All plump and curvy

  1. They are cute. I believe I saw these in Kenya many years ago. They would back up to the swimming pool and pee in it just as if it was there to be their own private toilet. I remember being told they were related to elephants. Nice response to the challenge “rounded”.

    1. … and the babies are the cutest. Interesting account on their toilet habits. I can imagine the scene you describe – clever creatures! they’re fussy about the siting of their middens here – must have a ‘drop’ loo.

    1. Thanks A-C, they’re about the size of a large rabbit and very agile. We’ve given them names – Fat Momma, Petunia, Speedy and for a while there was an alpha male affectionately named for Pavarotti for the dusk arias he performed.

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