Road Trip: Namibia

As we gaze out across the Namib desert the vista before us is startlingly immense.  The horizon pleats and folds through desert sands to the distant purple escarpment.  The magnitude of it all is engulfing and at once we feel reduced down to an inconsequential spec in this vast sea of sand.

The expansive horizons of the Namib draw the viewer into it’s realm of colours.

Our road trip starts in the south, crossing the Orange River then venturing off the beaten track we travel northwards to reach Kunene River bordering Angola.

For a photographer it is a dream location – the colours, light and form unfold in superlatives.    The stark, arid landscapes which so captivate have a compelling rhythm where wind sculpts sinuous sand dunes and water carves meandering pathways.  As we travel northwards the land transforms to savannah, green mopani and woodlands.

It’s a strange and wondrous land: mesmerising and surreal at times.   My field of interest – the interconnection between land, people and it’s wildlife is revealing in it’s complexities here.

I’ll be posting when WiFi is available, why not come along and read about our adventures ……

33 thoughts on “Road Trip: Namibia

    1. Thanks Jacques. Yes what a country – so full of diverse ecosystems and landscapes. We’ve been close – Palmwag and Grootberg. Went out on the trail and spoor all around at Grootberg – come down to the lodge swimming pool to drink. Not such a good scene with the human/wildlife conflict and drought conditions. Taking cattle and goats.

    1. Thanks Eliza, think as a virtual traveling companion you will be intrigued by the adaptive vegetation. Next post coming up will have some of the weird and wonder succulents and lithops (stone plants).

  1. Such an enormous country with the varied landscapes and animals. I look forward to your adventures through this land, I am sure they will bring back memories of my trip there back in December 2000 when it was very hot!

    1. I remember reading you account in Windhoek, – crime is still a problem in the towns – and targeting tourists. Thankfully off the beaten track we’ve had no issues and the people are welcoming and generous. What a fabulous country for it’s diversity and as it unfolds we’re enjoying so many different aspects.

    1. We’re packed to the hilt!! Mind you our Subaru is doing well on the punishing gravel roads. One tyre puncture to date – mended and spare still in the waiting. Guessing you know all about rough trails! This is some country though, Africa to the core.

  2. This is all so exciting… the anticipation of your travels is accentuated by the comments that precede mine. Have a magnificent adventure, god speed.

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