The Greeting

The cool air and golden light of dawn envelopes the landscape as we drive to Sesriem, gateway to Sossusvlei and those famous majestic orange sand dunes.   The hour’s road trip was a precursor to the adventure which lay ahead.  Deep sandy valleys opened up and the sight of colourful hot-air balloons floating through the soft pastels of the early morning added to the hue.  Animals rouse and our first sightings are of these elegant desert antelope, the gemsbok (Oryx gazella).  A family group pad down a dune while one lone animal waits ahead for the last to catch up and we witness their gentle greeting.  A touching of noses, deep eye contact – they slip into step and side by side they carry on.   To capture this fleeting moment adds to the memorable events of the day.

For more information on the  oryx, a superbly desert adapted antelope species, i’ve added a link here.



15 thoughts on “The Greeting

  1. They are very graceful and elegant – and I love the colouring and patterns. How many wonderful moments you get – thank you for sharing in photos and words, letting us travel with you.

  2. Magnificent species! It is a wonder that they can live in those conditions. Your tale of one waiting for the last is touching and demonstrates the consciousness of ‘other’ that many humans deny, but those who observe nature know exists.

    1. They are truly amazing in their ability to survive periods without water and how their physiology is adapted to deal with the heat. Thanks for your comments in recognition of animal sentience. Appreciate that.

  3. I love the softness and pastel shades of your photos thus far. The oryx was one of the first animals I saw in Namibia and it was so unexpected. The reason for my trip was purely to see the landscapes of southern Africa, I had no expectations whatsoever about the wildlife, so every encounter was special. How lucky you are to witness this wonderful moment.

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