Sweet Nectar

Sweet is the nectar that the little sunbirds and Cape sugarbirds enjoy flitting around the garden.

WPC: Sweet

17 thoughts on “Sweet Nectar

    1. These little sunbirds have amazing colour combinations. I use a product which has a mix – sucrose, glucose and fructose with a probiotic which was specifically designed for their needs. A couple of drops of red food colourant attracts them to the bottles. There are fewer flowers out now with the drought really kicking in hard putting the vegetation under strain.

  1. Hi Liz

    Do you know the name of the plant in your fourth picture?

    The one with the pinkish flowers?

    A few years back I spotted one growing outside a complex in JHB. I grew one from slip but I have no idea what it is and have never seen another one in my area.



    1. Hi Dave, it’s a Salvia leucantha – I think the ‘Midnight’ variety. Though we have indigenous local species – 26 in Southern Africa, this one I believe is off Mexican origin. A perennial, hardy and drought resistant. Rewarding too to grow from slip. The sunbirds love the nectar.

    1. Yes that they are! Little jewels and in such a gorgeous array of iridescent colour. I have yet to get photos that truly define that depth of colour and variation. Like the nap of silk woven cloth which catches light differently in varying angles 🙂

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