The Final WPC: flowers

Recently I was fortunate to attend the Chelsea flower show in London.  In support of the event the local shops around Sloane Square and King’s Road decorate their windows in sumptuous displays of floral arrangements – the theme this year is Summer Love.  It fits well with a gesture of thanks to the WP team for building a wide supportive community platform through the Daily Post and the weekly photo challenges.  It opened up the opportunity of discovering other bloggers from all corners of the globe.  To have the encouragement and lively interest of fellow bloggers through weekly support really makes the blogging experience.   I was lucky too to meet with fellow ‘urban wildlife’ blogger Melissa Cooper while visiting New York and also stopping in Honnevag, Norway on the way to North Cape through reading Erica Haugli’s experiences.

The WPC has been a most worthwhile experience.  Hope to continue seeing fellow bloggers through the ether.

WPC: Final Favourites

8 thoughts on “The Final WPC: flowers

  1. Gorgeous photos Liz, and a terrific tribute to the WP. I too have met several fellow bloggers in my travels and found it amazing, adding a really fun element to our journeys. Hopefully one day you and I can connect in person. Until the, hope to continue connecting through the blogosphere!

    1. Thanks Tina; yes that would be great to find a place to ‘hang out’ on the net. If you’re visiting the Cape drop me a line – have some super local vineyards in the area and of course charismatic wildlife 🙂

    1. We did well! Another gold – the 36th, and under new designer Leon Kluge. The topic was Iconic Landscapes – representing different biomes and landscapes. It was a truly stunning display. I ogled the fynbos section and protea varieties I’ve never seen before. It really was a showcase for diversity of species. They had a bit of a glitch when customs came on the day they were setting up and took away the entire collection but fortunately returned the flowers the next day. Set them back but they did it, managed to get the display assembled in record time!

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