A quick tango on the beach

The early morning scene at Boulder’s Beach hums with activity as the African penguins rouse for the day.   On the domestic front, the nesting sites are vigorously dug over, sand flying out the deeper holes.  Often there is a squabble or two with loud protestation – these little creatures relative to their size have voice projection in volumes. Down at the waters edge groups preen and stretch preparing to go out to sea leaving the chicks huddled together in the creche area.   The adults have a straight backed posture and though they waddle, it is with intent.   Down to the sea they go – just for some though, there’s the odd dalliance –

23 thoughts on “A quick tango on the beach

    1. Thanks Jude and they are so charismatic! I liked the concept of the “Puffin Therapy” tours which are advertised for the trips to the inner Hebrides – visitors are encouraged just to sit and watch. I could do that for hours with these little characters.

    1. Lucky for you! All that bustle as they prepare for the big swim also timing a visit in the late afternoon when they exodus out of the water is rewarding too. They arrive back like commuters rushing across a train ‘platform’ to be greeted very eagerly by the other half 🙂. And mobbed by hungry chicks if they’re feeding!

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