Monday’s Macro: Giant Turban Shell

Giant Turban shell Turbo sarmaticus
Largest of the turban shells, it is known locally as Alikreukel or giant periwinkle.  This marine mollusc falls under the class of gastropods.  It’s shell is lined with mother-of-pearl and it’s known for it’s knobbly operculum which seals the aperture at the entrance to the shell.  Used for bait and also harvested for it’s edible meat. 

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Macro: Giant Turban Shell

  1. This picture reminds me of many happy hours spent on the south coast beach in KZN when I was a child, picking up and discarding shells – even then we were encouraged not to remove more than a treasured few. Those knobbly operculums were always a special find for a very young me.

    1. Lucky you, Anne! The sub-tropical zone has a greater variety of marine molluscs and your descriptions conjure up the delight of carefree beach combing. If only that conservation practice, of only taking a treasured few could have been instilled across sectors.
      I was horrified to find, during recent travels in SE Asia, seashell items – buttons, and especially polished alikreukel shells being sold as ornaments. All for commercial gain. So sad!

      1. It is sad – especially as such items seldom have a long-term ornamental value, so are broken or tossed when no longer wanted.

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