Monday’s Macro: Showy Pincushion

A close up view of a hybrid variety of Showy Pincushion: Leucospermum cordifolium

During this time of Covid-19 lockdown, much of my attention is focused on nature’s progression in the garden.  This pincushion (Leucospermum cordifolium) flowerhead burst forth in early bloom; it developed way ahead of the rest of the buds on the plant, a solitary flower in glorious display.  Close-up it’s beauty is revealed when sunlight catches and glints through coiled satin ribbons.


8 thoughts on “Monday’s Macro: Showy Pincushion

  1. Well, hot diggety dang, I knew there was at least one top-of-the-line citizen scientist and photographer extraordinaire whose arm I didn’t twist to get involved with [] :-).

    Then again, you might well have done so, Liz – but I don’t know that. What I do know is that your imagery would make an enormous contrirbution to our everchanging record of biodiversity on the Peninsula.

    And, as is always the case, your above gorgeous capture lends credence to my thesis :-).

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