Monday’s Macro: Ladybird instar

Ladybird instar
Ladybird instar on Felicia echinata.

A welcome and beneficial insect to have in the garden. In this larval stage ladybird / ladybugs have voracious appetites and in the two weeks it takes to become fully grown a single larva can consume up to 400 aphids or other soft bodied pests including scale insects, adelgids, mites and insect eggs.

11 thoughts on “Monday’s Macro: Ladybird instar

  1. Excellent shot, Liz. When the adults that overwintered in the hidden corners of our house emerged in March, I put them on a couple houseplants that had aphids. They ate some, laid eggs and I found instars munching happily. They cleaned up the plants quite tidily. I love that!

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