Spring jubilation

The bleak days of the Covid-19 lockdown are lifting as we joyfully celebrate the arrival of spring.  The wildflowers are blooming in vibrant swathes of colour after good winter rainfall, in contrast to the previous years of drought.  Thankfully the local dams supplying the City of Cape Town are at 92% capacity and further rainfall is forecast for this weekend.

29 thoughts on “Spring jubilation

      1. I have several Osteospermums dotted around the garden and they are a joy, flowering all summer. I can buy Arctotis here it seems so I will try some next summer.

  1. Gorgeous wildflowers, Liz. Must be what we call a Super Bloom – after getting good rain, the flowers go crazy! So glad to hear your reservoirs are nearly full, good news.

    1. Thanks Eliza. “Super Bloom” that’s very appropriate 🙂 Things are looking up again here. Just so devastating to see the terrible fires on West Coast, US. Thoughts and prayers for those in peril.

  2. What a beauteous feast for the eyes! This is all marvellous news: a lightening of the pandemic restrictions, fuller dams, good rains – and this wonderful array of flowers to announce the arrival of spring!

  3. Spring is here in south oz too!! Its a lush time of year. I recognize some of those flowers …me thinks they’ve made there way here somehow 😃 so glad your dams are full!!

    1. Thanks Therese, glad that spring has arrived for you. Some weeks ago we were seeing TV news items of kangaroo in snow in victoria. Sound like a cold winter. Yes i think we share quite a few species, that Gondwanaland link 🙂

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