Celebrating Bees

Observing this year’s World Bee Day, “Now is a time to re-think how we relate to nature and pollinators and what actions we can take to support these tiny hard workers and the millions of livelihoods they, in turn, support.” FAO of the UN

Learn more about the fascinating world of wild bees in the Cape through the excellent webpage http://www.ujubee.com – Karin Sternberg and Jenny Cullinan are dedicated researchers who contribute to and promote the conservation of wild bee populations through the Peninsula and beyond.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Bees

  1. We cannot underestimate the valuable role bees play in our environment. Apart from pollinating flowers, many of our food crops rely on bees too!

    1. So true! We’re lucky here in SA to still have wild bee populations. Watch out for the Ujubee ladies and their conservation work in and around the Addo area. They are promoting awareness of the importance of safeguarding wild bees and creating natural corridors (pesticide free) around nature reserves. They are two inspirational ladies!

  2. I haven’t seen many around yet this year except the large Queen bees earlier in the spring, but the weather has been so much colder than normal for this time of year. I hope this doesn’t mean the death of a lot of them. Nice to see you posting again!

    1. Hi Jude, it’s a huge worry when climate change impacts our natural world. Was reading how devastating the seasonal pollination timing and shifting temperatures have on colonies. Hope your bee sightings come up again. Back to posting again!

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