13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spot the Baboons!

    1. They do and thoroughly enjoy it. Although I’ve never actually seen them swimming in the sea. They paddle and get wet, and the juveniles leap about though pools. But give them fresh water and even swimming pools and they’ll have a ball.

    1. Yes, the waves were high, but the force of breaking was cushioned by the rocks so it looks more dangerous than it was. I took the first photo without seeing them, they really were well camouflaged.

    1. Yes 🙂 and ‘wild’ it was! After days of stormy weather, the sea conditions were high; the beach had been rearranged by high tides and rain run off and the baboons looked to be relishing their foraging opportunities. Sea wrack and kelp had washed up and their were feasting on the mussels and shark’s purses tangled in the kelp. Having a high time of it.

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