The Narrow Beak

Puffin_Staffa_IslandFit for purpose, the bill of the puffin is narrowly shaped, designed to cleave through water.  But useful too in building it’s nesting burrow by cutting through the soil and then shovelling away the material with it’s feet.  It has a raspy tongue, an adaptation which enables it to hold multiple fish.  The fish are pinned  against the spines on the palate while allowing it to open its beak.  What a charismatic species.  We were fortunate to observe the colony on Lunga Island (Inner Hebrides), Scotland.

WPC: Narrow

On the wing

Isn’t it a marvel to watch birds on the wing and note their contrasts in aerodynamic shape? There are those with powerful wing flaps to slender wing form aerialists, and then there are the dumpy waterbirds more adapted to diving than highflying?