On the wing

Isn’t it a marvel to watch birds on the wing and note their contrasts in aerodynamic shape? There are those with powerful wing flaps to slender wing form aerialists, and then there are the dumpy waterbirds more adapted to diving than highflying?

30 thoughts on “On the wing

  1. The photo of the puffin is so funny! He looks like he’s about to do a “cannonball” into the water. The sacred ibis pictures are stunning. Their beaks are fascinating. Some seem to be upturned at the end while others curve downwards.

    1. Isn’t the puffin a delight! Clutsy manoeuvres airside, but designed more for swimming. Good spot MM, the ibis have the downturned beaks and use them like picks.. while the avocets have the upturned pincer-like bills for skimming the sand underwater – both built for purpose 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, once again, Liz. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I think the least one moves me the most. Together they are nothing but true naturals beauties. Wishing you a wonderful, cozy weekend, Dina & co

  3. I found this post looking for “seagulls”, as they are one of my favourite birds. Then saw the sacred ibis, and think wow, what a beautiful bird! I always think that if I could choose to be an animal, it would be some kind of seabird, as they get the chance to both fly and swim. They get the best of two worlds!

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