Chewing gum – a human habit?

A couple of weeks ago after returning from a beach hike, I came across this young male baboon ‘hanging out’ in the car park.   As he was on his own, I guess he has just reached maturity and is pushing new boundaries, rather like the adolescent teenager ranging further and further from home.  Baboons have a natural curiosity and will investigate and pick up discarded litter … risky business this, living alongside humans.

12 thoughts on “Chewing gum – a human habit?

  1. If we humans all knew what a killer and a treat this chewing gum is … And still, your wonderful shots are lovingly adeucational, with a laughing and a weeping eye. Love it, Liz! 👍

  2. I find chewing gum a disgusting habit and hate getting it on my shoes and the mess it makes of pavements! How awful for a wild animal to get hold of it! But fantastic captures from you Liz 🙂

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