The Breakfast Run

It’s always a treat to come across Cape Point Reserve baboons and i was lucky to observe a large troop this morning while out for an early morning cycle.     High on the menu are the watsonia corms which are reappearing after the fire.  The regenerating vegetation is a drawcard for many of the browsing buck and we’re sighting eland, red hartebeest and bontebok.    As the troop moved along one of the young male baboons acted as the rear guard, herding the slower moving mothers and babies while the alphamale looked rather battleworn showing a nasty open wound on the head.   It’s tough at the top, an alpha has to keep ontop of the game by fending off competitors.

9 thoughts on “The Breakfast Run

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this one Liz. Fascinating critters and a very inviting nature preserve. Your intimate captures of baboon activities made it feel as though I was on site — and made me wish I really was on site. It appears you’re some distance away — how close can you get to a troop without altering their behavior?

    1. Well Nick, I rather enjoy the exchange of virtual viewing! This nature reserve is a gem and very close to my doorstep. I try to stick to the unwritten rule of not getting closer than 10m when photographing, but that’s not always the case when space is shared. I’m very aware of not intruding and particularly in the case of this troop which is the last to become habituated to people. They still forage on the local vegetation and aren’t tempted by the array of picnic sites etc. One can get close quite close up in a car, but open a door and they’re off. Cycling’s another matter, they are very wary, but okay if they know your intention is to pass through. Have to keep an eye on the territorial rights of the buck though, they like to challenge!

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