A thank you bouquet

Thank you to the WordPress Team for producing the ‘crunchy numbers’ in summing up a review of the blogging year.  It is interesting to see the statistics and I was surprised to learn that my most popular post was – Iceland:  Birds, birds, birds .   Personally I would have liked Baboon chewing gum to have had better exposure.

Here’s sending a virtual bouquet to all those who supported my blog through the year –

Thank you!!
Thank you!!

I’ve become quite addicted to getting my daily byte of the blogosphere and the way it can broaden one’s experience of the world.   What a boost to be able to connect with the dynamic WordPress global fraternity.   A big thank you to all my followers who continue to read and comment on my posts.  It’s very encouraging to be supported and my special thanks go to the top five bloggers who comment regularly.   I include their names and you may already be familiar with their websites but if not I’ve included the links.  Their blogs cover a wonderful eclectic range of subjects from Nordic literature, haiku poetry to extraordinary travel photography and pithy comment.

Gilly at http://lucidgypsy.wordpress.com/

Dina at http://toffeefee.wordpress.com/  and the Fabulous Four

Tina at http://travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com/

Sylvia at https://anotherday2paradise.wordpress.com/

Sue at http://menomama3.wordpress.com/

I’d also like to draw attention to some fellow nature bloggers, from whose blogs I draw inspiration –

Mark  at Nature’s Place –  http://beingmark.com/

Nick at http://nicksnaturepics.wordpress.com/

Jane at http://justanothernatureenthusiast.org/

Joyce at http://pilipala51.wordpress.com/about/

Jessica at http://natureinfocus.wordpress.com/

The de Wets at http://dewetswild.com

Although ending with Wilf, here’s a writer whose work on South African wild parks and nature conservation spans many years.  I feel incredibly privileged to share a blog http://oururbanwilderness.wordpress.com/ where he recounts the stories of our local urban wildlife .

As we go forward into this new year may we be mindful of the space we share with all wild creatures, great or small.

With best wishes for 2015.







5 thoughts on “A thank you bouquet

  1. Liz, I share your sentiments as conveyed in this warm and thoughtful post. I’m also flattered to be included in your list of inspirational bloggers, and will definitely attempt to live up to that billing as 2015 unfolds. Many thanks. Nick

  2. Wow, Liz, thank you for the shout-out. What a sweet New Year’s day surprise. I’ll be sure to have a look at your other bloggy friends, too. Cheer to you this year!

  3. Oh Liz I’m delighted to visit you and your world, places and creatures that you manage to capture in such an intimate and unique way. Keep doing what you do so brilliantly my dear. Have a fabulous year 🙂

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