Iceland Series: Birds, Birds, Birds.

Iceland has some three hundred recorded bird species.  It’s extraordinary – some areas teem with birds – thousands of them.  Whenever we stopped the car, the rush of bird calls were indicative of the high activity, the haste in getting through the breeding season.  As we travelled the ring road we noticed the varying stages of nesting, and chick rearing.  The seabird colonies were the most impressive, guillemots, fulls, fulmars,  puffins, arctic terns.

Here are some of the stars of the show:

24 thoughts on “Iceland Series: Birds, Birds, Birds.

      1. The puffins were just magical – we were there at egg stage though, just a few Eider chicks had emerged so far, but nothing from the terns or other birdlife…

  1. Nice series, I just ADORE puffins, and the fluffy chicks are so cute. Looking forward to spring.

    1. Here’s to the puffin fanclub!! They’re just so gorgeously odd, almost comical. Wonderful creatures. Yes, roll on spring. Here back in Cape Town a huge winter storm is brewing.

      1. I hope one day to get to that part of the world and see some for real, its a long way from NZ 🙂

  2. This past weekend in Palos Verdes (Southern California) we saw about 5 or 6 terns hunting. I watched them diving and swooping – it seemed hopeless to catch a photo of them, but try I did. They results were pretty much out of focus, but I do believe I caught one with its end goal in its mouth: a very large and very silvery fish!

    I love seabirds – something about the combination of bird + ocean makes them irresistible.

    1. Wonderful, i agree with your sentiments on seabirds. Also fascinating is how they have evolved fishing techniques… shape, beaks, wings. Tropic birds and fairy terns are my favourites.

  3. Liz, I only follow a couple of blogs, and yours is one of them. Some time ago, I gave up WordPress and dropped out. But I still get an email every time you post, and I am always rewarded with a beautifully-done photo and I experience a different part of the planet for just a moment. Thank you. These birds are simply charming. They raise the spirits. – Sandra

    1. Aren’t they charismatic 🙂 Their colony was a hive of activity with much toing and froing bringing in nesting material to their burrows. Such clutsy flyers, yet those sharply creased bills must cleave through the water and hasten their diving speeds. Would love to see the fledglings…

  4. Ignore the question on the latest post. I see you’re in Iceland! Have friggin’ awesome is that and what a glorious visual feast of seabirds. Your photos capture their beauty and quirky colours and make me want to go!

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