Iceland Series: Waterfowl

Lake Mývatn, in the north of Iceland has a reputation as the best place to see wild ducks in northern Europe.  They congregate in their thousands, and here you can spot at least 18 different species.  Their beautifully coiffed plumage comes in an array of colours, and patterns  – harlequin duck, Barrow’s golden eye, tufted and longtailed and scaup, mallards, pochards, gadwall, teals; such exotic water birds.

9 thoughts on “Iceland Series: Waterfowl

  1. Were you in Iceland?! Pardon the pun but how cool is that! I love the duck with the blue beak and upright tail. That’s a bird flippin’ a bird!

  2. Ducks, for whatever obscure reason it might be, have the power to make me happy. I sometimes see mallards floating contentedly down the creek by my office and they fill me with such joy.

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