Cycad: a living relic

_CPT2604Tough and leathery, cycads are known as ‘living fossils’ because this plant group has survived, almost unchanged in it’s shape and form since the Jurassic era.

To see further examples of this week’s photo challenge “Relic” check out the following link.


13 thoughts on “Cycad: a living relic

  1. One can almost picture the dinosaurs alongside those Cycads! Very interesting post, Liz. The living “fossil” plant here is Horsetail, (Equisetum). A vascular plant that reproduces by spores rather than seeds. This species dates back over 100 million years to late Paleozoic forests.
    Thank you for the thought-provoking post, and inspiration for taking a look at our local “fossil” plants 🙂

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