Baboons in Fynbos

It’s fascinating to watch baboons out foraging in their natural environment and to see how they like to vary their diet.Β  In the above pictures the Leucadendron coniferum (Dune Cone Bush) are ripening and the baboons are found high up in these bushes crunching cones enthusiastically.

Rhus crenata ( Dune crowberry) is another favourite, both the leaves but especially the ripe berries.

Some degree of care is taken here as the Lycium ferocissimum is a thorny shrub, but it still doesn’t deter the lighter baboons from reaching the topmost leaves.

16 thoughts on “Baboons in Fynbos

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment Nick. The material for a book is growing – have a whole catalogue on preferred food items topping their raiding menus – top of that list is dried spaghetti and sugar.

  1. Look at that young whippersnapper up there in the tip-top! These are fantastic shots, Liz. So cool to see what nature is up to where you are. (Hey! That was a pun!)

  2. It occurs to me that the title of your blog site, “Nature on the Edge,” is wonderfully appropriate to the observations you make time and again. Thanks for educating us.

    1. Thanks! Fortunately I was in a car and they’re not phased by vehicles. Getting out of the car and approaching on foot is a different matter… and not recommended anyway. “Fynbos’ is the local term for our indigenous vegetation. I’m happy to see these creatures fulfilling their ecological role in their natural environment as in the past there have been bad issues with some of the troops raiding houses and causing much damage.

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