The warmth of hearth and home

Tucked up in a carefully constructed nest lined with soft, warm fluff a pair of wagtails are in the process of hatching two eggs.

_DSC4662 DSCF5764

Click here to find out more on this week’s photo challenge  “Warmth”.

7 thoughts on “The warmth of hearth and home

  1. Those eggs are the most extraordinary colour! I had to look up “wagtail”, too, to see what the bird looks like but there are many varieties. Do you know what kind?

    1. Ours is the Cape wagtail, a handsome variety with a confident jauntiness. I rather like that ours have adapted to urban ways, quite at home in backyards and gardens. I was surprised to read that the genus originated in east Siberia / Mongolia. I’m waiting expectantly for the eggs to hatch and a follow up post on the ‘urban chicks’….

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