33 responses to “WPC: Threes

  1. Oh how sad. I was so delighted with the first image that caught my eye! Adorable little creatures! But the other two…now I am crying and so sad. WHat kind of animals are those? How I hate seeing the animals hit by cars. It always breaks my heart.

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  3. Think we need to change it from “like” to “appreciate” for cases just like this :-( The first photo is adorable. The second and third tell a very different story. If you’re advocating for speed bumps perhaps a poster with these photos would help your cause! Nicely done Liz, as always.

  4. What a poignant essay‚Ķ Such beautiful creatures. I’m so sorry that such a gorgeous little one had to be killed at our hands, sadly common. Such a sweet little family.

  5. Like so many before me, I can’t like this sad story, but you’ve told it so simply and beautifully. Here, society’s nonchalant (at best) attitude toward animals on the roads and elsewhere is disheartening.

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