Penguins and people at Boulder’s beach.

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Residents in a local suburb gear up for another working day;  a school bell rings nearby calling learners to the classroom, while the lucky few still on holiday head to the beach for an early morning swim or paddle in the sheltered coves at Boulders.   Right alongside this residential area is a penguin colony where the penguins are preparing to set off to sea for a day’s feeding.  The establishment of the colony is quite a story – from just one breeding pair in 1984 an astounding increase in the population has resulted in over 3000 birds.  The site is unique in it’s proximity to it’s urban surrounds.  The SA National Parks run the facility which attracts a fair turnover of tourists – (68,942 in December 2011).  Boulders Beach, is an example of urban wildlife being managed as a tourist asset.  But during peak periods tourist congestion adds to the road and with it’s inadequate parking facilities causes much frustration to local residents.   The beach is a drawcard, for the antics of these quaint creatures can be admired at close proximity.

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