Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Hands for gripping, climbing, tactile and functional.

It’s extraordinary to think that the evolutionary process of our hands started in the anterior fin of primitive fishes!

Here a juvenile baboon has clambered up a pole and grips with strong fingers. Opposable thumbs give them a dexterity of use: hands that can finesse the most intricate of movement, from unzipping to unclipping bags – to opening car doors; sliding windows, and coupled with sheer strength, the ability to bend burglar bars.

Last week I visited the Natural History Museum in London and attended David Attenborough’s inspiring lecture on evolution “Who do we think we really are?”    Through the use of video imaging and augmented reality, webcams and handsets, extinct creatures are brought to life.  It’s humbling to consider that all living things are interconnected, descended from a common ancestor thousands of millions years ago.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. First of all, the picture is so sweet 😀

    Evolution is extraordinary, is it? Sometimes I almost can’t believe that there are complex, living creatures at all! Everything in the body fits so well together… and the human hand alone is so complex!
    I am glad I am not a primitive fish, otherwise I couldn’t have done this: http://cassiemeetsworld.com/photography/?p=1586

    1. Hi Cassie,
      Yes, the whole complex journey of evolution is awe-inspiring. And how’s that we share 98.6% DNA with chimps! Love your post too, the striking bold colours – the hands of an artist: creative.

  2. I like the photo – apes and monkeys and chimps often seem to have such concerned expressions – perhaps with the exception of orangutans, who seem to have sorted life out.

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