Cape Point – Walk on the wild side

Wave sculptures.
Waves sculpt the rocks into pitted form.

Morning stretch.
We have the beach to ourselves except for a gull doing wing stretches and leg extensions.
Dias Beach is just west of Cape Point.
The first of the winter storms approaches the Cape.

Alantic ocean in full force.
The unfettered waves come rolling in to crash up against the rocky shore.

The lower lighthouse at Cape Point.
The lighthouse stands sentinel on the lower cliff face.

The climb to the heavens.
Heady on sea-wrack scented air, the climb back up appears heavenward.

As winter approaches so do the Atlantic storms which rage about the coast with Herculean  force. The waves surge up with an unfettered fetch over miles of ocean and crash like thunder against the cliffs.  The raw power can set the heart pounding in a reverence of wild awe.