A Congress of Cormorants.

It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day today; perfect sea conditions.   I spotted the cormorants in their thousands, which is always a sign that fish are running.   At the nearby fishing slip the boats were hauling out and sure enough they had caught good hauls.  It’s also time for our visitors from the Antarctic to arrive – the Southern Right whales.  It’s an awesome sight to see them in the Bay.  Their sheer bulk is impressive, especially when they leap about doing gymnastic displays.

6 thoughts on “A Congress of Cormorants.

    1. Yes! Observing them it was almost as though it was orchestrating the whole group. Just as i was adjusting the tripod they all took off and formed up into a v-shaped flow, and sure it took up lead position.

    1. Yes its a marvellous daily sighting to watch the Cape cormorants. We’re lucky to have five species of cormorants though the bank’ cormorant is not doing so well in numbers. Good news on the southern right whale population increasing since the whaling ban. What a treat it is to have these huge ocean giants frolicking in the bay. Interestingly False Bay is likened to the Serengti for the pelagic species and variety of predators passing through – including seven different species of shark.

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