The Cape of Storms: heady seas.

For the past month the peninsula has been wracked by low pressure frontal systems bringing strong gales and icy rainstorms.   On the Atlantic side the seas have thundered in, an unfettered sweep with swells up to 9 metres.   It’s a dynamic weather system – winter has been trying for many people, especially those living on the flats where there has been much flooding.   But after the storms have cleared the air sparkles and there’s a beach i favour.   Here the piles of kelp washed up high and attract much attention.

After the storms, the kelp is piled high on the shoreline.

The birds are drawn in to feed.

The restless seas are still full of power.

The bontebok are drawn to the shoreline.

Delicate female ostriches are on the move too.

After the storm, the waves still churn up spume.