Humpbacks: having a whale of a time in False Bay.

At this time of year whale spotting is part of a daily event; crowds often gather on the coastline to admire these magnificent giants.  We expect to see Southern Right whales as they migrate from the Antartic to calve and mate in the waters around the Cape, but it’s been an unexpected bonus to sight Humpback whales this past week.  These fabulous acrobats are in fine form; loptailing with great gusto, leaping right clear of the water and creating spectacular splashdowns.  While engrossed in their antics, at the other end of the size scale, the tiny penguins almost passed unnoticed.  Ungainly on land they transform into ‘flying’ torpedos, finessing bait fish with their speed and agility.

Humpback whales have distinctive features, a curving shape and dorsal fin, long pectoral fins, black and white tails and knobbly heads.


Penguin line-up.

Penguins on the hunt.