2012 in pictures.

Thanks to Sara and the WordPress team for the inspiring weekly challenge topics posted through the year.  It’s been a great way to learn new techniques and see what others create.   Of all the challenges, i really enjoyed “Reflections”  and Jared Bramlett’s cleverly composed shots.   This week’s topic is hard to cull down to twelve pictures, but here on the “Edge” it’s the creatures that count …..

Thank you too to all the readers who have stopped by to read and comment on Nature; it’s wonderful to have a link to so many different parts of the world.  May 2013 bring happy encounters, and rich blessings.


12 thoughts on “2012 in pictures.

  1. Thanks for this great retrospective of last year.
    It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you, Liz!
    Thank you very much for lending me your outstanding photos the World according to Dina.
    Look forward to your posts of 2013. Happy New Year to you. Take care.

    Love Dina

  2. By the way Liz, this collage is one of the finest I have seen in a long time, not only the picture itself but the way of presenting it. Do you have a Mac? What programs do you use? I have just changed from pc to mac and feel a little bit lost at times. 🙂
    Have a lovely start of the new year.
    Greetings from the Far North

    1. Thanks Dina! The new format gallery is thanks to WordPress, i think it has a lot of potential for collage work. I’d love to try making up a panorama and posting a gallery of the constituent parts of the Bay. I use a PC, but recently improved my editing by using software to calibrate my monitor. I’ve also upgraded to Photoshop CS6 which has some handy new features. I know what you mean about the transition to Mac … my hubby is battling with that!

      1. Thanks for taking the time, Liz. I feel a little bit more comfortable every day… 🙂
        The new gallery framing is really fine, I like it!

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