Large-spotted Genet: an elegant cat

The Large-spotted genet, to my mind, is the most elegant of our nocturnal creatures.  We’re alerted to their presence when they trip the night beams on the patio as they hunt through the flower beds.   Usually they are solitary creatures, but on the odd occasion three at a time have called by.   Their sleek, elongated bodies are offset by an extraordinarily long banded tail.  It’s quite a feature – like a mobile rudder, finely-tuned to slipstream through the heavy wind gusts. Large spotted genet

They prey on insects, invertebrates, rodents, and i suspect they’re responsible for keeping the field mice population down in our area.

10 thoughts on “Large-spotted Genet: an elegant cat

    1. Wonderful, rodent protection! i believe they can become quite tame. One of my neighbours had regular visits from one which would muscle in on her cat’s food …. got quite familiar with home comforts.

  1. What an extraordinary creature – I never even heard of it before. And it’s a cat?! Looks like a member of the weasel family, or a ringtail, aka “Miner’s cat,” which is a member of the raccoon family. Beautiful.

    1. They fall under the suborder of Feliforms. Also in the family group are civet, linsangs, fossa and mongooses. Bit of an odd grouping, although i agree they look more weaselly, with their pointed faces.

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