Resolved: The finer details.

For this week’s WordPress photo challenge,  Sara Rosso’s topic  is to portray being resolved.  For those who don’t indulge in New Year’s resolutions and good intentions, she suggests posting something that represents a photography technique one would like to improve in over the year.

I did make a resolution this year  –  to get high, in terms of altitude, that is!   It’s part of a fitness campaign to hike once a week, but instead of the usual flat, non-challenging-cardiovascular-rambles along my favourite coastal tracks, i’d put a bit of ooomph into it and tackle some hills.  The Merrell’s are well broken in and last week we hiked clear up the Silvermine valley to the outlook over Noordhoek and Kommetjie beach.  It was glorious: the view, the heady fresh ozone of a pumping sou’easterly and the gradient not too radical as a first start.  In the other direction was our famed Table Mountain viewed from a southerly direction with Devil’s Peak a horn to the front.  A rather unusual view, and i thought that would be the shot to post.  In the interim though, some rather startling action is being staged in my backyard.  It would make any Xtreme sports’ enthusiast green – the edge moves, the radical verticals, the daring leaps, the yawing chasms, mind you in relative terms!   But the action is not only athletic, there is another aspect to this intent of hot pursuit, or should i say “a leading up the garden path?”    A dashing fellow is posturing, posing, pursuing at high speed a rather plain dour female; the speedy mating rituals of a pair of agamas have had me pursuing with telephoto lens, medium range lens and finally my 105mm macro lens.  I’m not a fan of this latter lens, i find it frustrating to get the angle and focus plane right. But here my heroine,  shot close-up looks as scary as a Komodo Dragon, and i found a revealing detail of couture.  Who’d of thought of combining a checker-plating of yellow and torquoise, or the placing of frilly accoutrements round the ear?    I’m hooked and hope to improve on this aspect, so beguiling of macro-photography: discovering the finer details……

Well here she is, “Petunia” the flirtatious high ranging agama :-


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