Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

This week’s photo challenge  is to share a picture that means “mine”  ( http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/weekly-photo-challenge-mine)

If there’s one item on which I stamp my mark, it’s got to be my favourite pair of hiking boots.  Sturdy, like  a trusty companion, we’ve covered the miles together.  But lately, I’ve needed a lighter pair to pack for travelling.  Taking the plunge, I purchased a pair of Merrell’s and finding ourselves back in London,  I thought I would put them to the test at the same time as using them as the subject for the photo challenge.  The idea was to leave Merrell prints in the sand besides the Thames.  The tide was receding on a spring low and the pebbly beach beckoned…. Piece of cake, I thought.  A quick walk and a few photo snaps……Mired in mud …..  (what was i thinking…?) Several puddles later….. but nice wet Merrell prints.So here they are –  my new trainers gloriously anointed with pure Thames sludge.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. We do have ways of leaving our mark on the world! Find any goodies in the sludge? They say history has a way of washing up on the banks of the Thames…

    1. Must say that I had an eye out for ‘treasure’. No such luck thoug, just a couple of ring pulls. Love those displays at the London Museum of artefacts retrieved from the river bank.

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