Red Disas in Myburgh Ravine.

It was quite a scramble to the top of the ravine.  A network of tree roots and loose scree kept us on our toes as we wended our way through the cool of the forest.  A fine cascade of water whispered down the rock face, moistening the glistening moss.   To the left and fairly high up we spotted the red disas, wild orchids which have a short flowering season.  We felt lucky, usually they flower in February and already they are in bloom.   The cool of the Afromontane was a treat for a summer’s morning with the temperature rising and the wind picking up, to be embowered by the shade and the towering trees.  Indigenous trees, gnarled and twisted;  some adapted to lateral growth before turning upwards to reach the light.  _LON8792 _LON8853 View looking towards Hout Bay over the Disa River. Red-Disas

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