Lost in the Details: Dragonfly Wings.

The-perfection-of-a-dragonfly Wing-design

Yesterday, a dragonfly came visiting through my open kitchen window.  It gave me a chance to take a few quick macro shots, and i can only say how blown away i was to see the incredible details in the wing structure.  I’d previously read about Akira Obata’s Biomimicry research in dragonflies and the use of nano-technology in developing micro wind turbine efficiency.   One can but marvel at nature’s genius, i watched with a sense of awe as it drifted effortlessly through the open door and out into the garden.

14 thoughts on “Lost in the Details: Dragonfly Wings.

  1. Wow, Liz. I didn’t get anything as stunning as your second photo, but last summer I tried my hand at photographing dragonflies and found them to be surprisingly cooperative subjects. Interesting wing/turbine study too.

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