Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood





Simon’s Town, my home town is known for it’s naval traditions, but here I capture a different maritime routine – a squadron of penguins returning from a day’s fishing.   Boulder’s Beach is unique in that it has a colony  of penguins situated right in the midst of a residential area.   One of my favourite late afternoon walks is along a coastal path right past these characterful creatures.   I used Snapseed and Pic grunger to add effect.  Personally I’m not happy with the look of the photos –  much prefer my DSLR!

6 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

    1. Ah! We have some surprises tucked up our sleeve:) Have an endemic species “Jackass” – brey like donkeys (there’s no dawn chorus like theirs!). The PC term nowadays is African Penguin. The Boulder’s Beach colony had an interesting start – batches of rehabilitated penguins which had been affected by an oil spill after a tanker wrecked (1984) were released from Simon’s Town. They all found their way back to their offshore island bar a couple of pairs which preferred to settle into the cushy, sandy coastal strip alongside the houses. Today there are about 4000 and it’s a thriving tourist spot.

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