Lunchtime: preparing Smiley

This week’s WordPress topic  for the weekly photo challenge is “Lunchtime” and falls under Phoneography; although for those of us still grappling with this genre of photography, i’ve lapsed back to using my DSLR.   The three pictures here may well be challenging in a different way.  For those of us who are used to pre-packed, ready to go food, getting back to basics can be quite disturbing!   Here the women prepare a dish, “Smiley” which is gourmet delight to many.  The process is time consuming, and in this first step –On-the-menu_-Goats-heads Preparing-head Removing-the-singed-hair. singeing the hair, is an unpleasant task.   Next the heads are scrubbed, cleaned, and then boiled.  The meat is prepared with spices, and i’m told the finished result is absolutely is delicious!

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31 thoughts on “Lunchtime: preparing Smiley

    1. Hehe! Right, offal’s not to everyone’s taste! I once had to eat raw turtle’s egg (soft and squishy) – didn;t have an option as the host would have been offended. Culture and sensibilities are an interesting subject 🙂

  1. Wow. I’ll pass. Still I think that if one kills an animal for meat, one should use as much of the body as possible. Most cultures where hunger is an issue find ways to do so. Those are quite amazing photos.

    1. Yes, i have a great admiration for the women in these shots, they ‘process’ the heads as a living… and really one has to have strong lungs/stomach to cope with that hair singeing stage. You’re right where hunger is an issue not a scrap is wasted.

  2. I don’t eat meat but I more problem with the cling wrapped unrecognisable face of it in western supermarkets than I do with Smiley. I’m sure it is tasty and wonder where the rest of it goes, to the wealthy I suppose. A good share Liz!

  3. I remember seeing a hogs head in my grandfather’s frig. and nearly jumped out of my skin. I admire your up close shots but I’m glad I am viewing it through my screen. Then again if I came across this scene I would be photographing it as well.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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