A Hive of Activity

For the past week or two i’ve been observing a quietly unfolding saga taking place center-stage on a swaying strelizia tree leaf.  At times the leaf has been tossed like a ship in a force Ten, and on quiet days it’s all a-buzz.   Taking the pictures has been fairly challenging, not only because of the erratic motion, but also the alert sentries.  Ouch!  They do have a sting!   Here’s the scene – Wasp's-nest

Tending the eggs, pupae growing.
Tending the eggs, pupae growing.
Incubating crysallis.
Incubating crysallis.
Stocking up on nectar.
Stocking up on nectar.
Taking a break.
Taking a break.

The buzz of activity round this nest of brown paper wasps  is clearly divided.   The queen wasp, lays and tends the eggs, while three workers take up duty on the front face of the open comb,  three act as an attack squadron as well as undertake repair and construction.  For more information on paper wasps click here.

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