Future Tense: The Plants of Tomorrow

Seed dispersal – isn’t it a fascinating topic! Here this strezilia tree is advertising it’s pods through it’s rich orange tone. Such dynamic processes will kick in to get the seeds moving, wind, gravity, birds, mice, humans ( me in this case!) have designs on depositing the seeds in different locations. It will be interesting to track how many take root in the future.


11 thoughts on “Future Tense: The Plants of Tomorrow

  1. Hi Liz, Greetings from Nairobi!

    Always enjoy your photos – but Future Tense one seems to be missing? Looking forward to Simon’s Town Easter break!

    Al the best Chris

    1. Aren’t the pods a fabulous design πŸ™‚ Love their ramshackled, dishevelled look…. must admit i’m fascinated by nature’s cunning designs; ever seen the brazil nut tree pods? Wonderful packaging! Watch this space ….seedlings coming up soon ..:)

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